Internetless Challenges


  1. When you find yourself about to look something up online, first ask at least three people.


  2. Avoid using your phone or device right before bed or right when you wake up.


  3. Next time you’re going somewhere unfamiliar, do not use the internet to help you figure out how to get there.


  4. Send someone a letter in the mail.


  5. Confuse an algorithm.


  6. Make a list of what you think you would miss about the internet if you spent a year offline. Make a second list of what you would NOT miss.


  7. Make an intentional change to the way you use or relate to the internet.


  8. When you find yourself pulling out your phone unnecessarily, try to give yourself some downtime instead.


  9. Spend 24 hours offline and journal about what you notice and how you feel.


  10. Challenge someone you know to make a change in the way they relate to the internet.