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You can also sign up or donate by mail. I can be reached at 4437 Henri Julien Av, Montreal, QC, H2W-2K9, Canada. After December 15th, 2019 (or at any time during 2020), if you would like to sign up or donate, please do so through the mail, or feel free to phone me at 438-832-4962.                                                

In 2020, I will be completely offline... 


This experiment is part of my candidacy process for the PhD program at McGill University in Montreal. I will be journaling daily and sharing highlights with friends and interested others through monthly mail-outs. Getting physical mail allows the recipient to be a part of the internetless experience, at least in a small or symbolic way.


Going offline is not a protest against the internet. (I am not trying to suggest that the way to be responsible online is to abstain from jacking in.) My aim is to uncover ways that my life and world are changed without or with the internet. The research that will follow this self-study will investigate with students about how to be responsible and critical internet users. Despite focusing on challenges that the internet introduces into our world, this research comes out of a recognition that the internet is valuable and even essential for certain people, often those from marginalized communities (e.g. migrant workers trying to stay in touch with their families, housebound people, or queer people in conservative environments, looking for connections and support).


Please sign up below (BEFORE DECEMBER 15th, 2019) if you would like a copy of my monthly mail-outs sent to your address. I will cover the cost of postage (with support from the Canadian government) but you are welcome to donate (below) to support this (postage, printing, etc.) and to help fund the related research/creative projects that I will undertake during my PhD. If you donate $18 or more, I will send you a free copy of the book I will write after my offline year.


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