Your Private Parts Are Inside of You (Not Your Penis or Vagina)


Today I’ve been buzzing

As if I’m on bennies

I don’t know what I’m on

But buzzing I’m buzzing

I talk to myself and

I spasm I spasm

I’m walking in public

And spasm, get at ‘em

I spasm all over

Their handsome white faces

And spasm in places

All over their faces

In places so private

That they won’t allow it

But spasm or options

What options but spasm

castrate them? Castrating…

They won’t know it, castrate them

Spasm or castrate

Castrations so gentle

Castration sensation

But don’t cut off no genitals

Spasm or castrate

Those parts way more private

Than gentle sex genitals

That coffee I’m drinking

I’m drinking coffee

But spasm all day

And not in gentle ways

But gentle castrations

And spasm I spasm

Coffee why coffee?

What’s that real private

Part that you’re so shy about

If your proud of your genitals

Than what are your private parts?

But castrate I’ll try to

To castrate I’ll try to

But if I can’t get through

The gentle genital gentle genital

I’ll just spasm or spasm or, nothing I’ll spasm

And spasm I spasm but coffee why coffee?