Wild Surmises: in three parts


1. Open senses, open palm.

Sir with his disposable;

Pseudonym with his can.

A body!

Tentative greeting, heat flutters silently, expecting…

I didn’t shoot his shy.

Shoulda but for circumstantial indisposition:

Bloody buddy,

Mismatched body,

Halting breath,

Excessively alive.

Indisposable buddies;

Disposable bodies:

If it isn’t the other way ‘round…

2. My friend died but I had a text message saved from him.

“Dopicity…” it began.

I accidentally deleted it and at first was upset but then realized how much more important my friend was when compared to the text.

And so I was glad I deleted it.

Because there’s no knowing my friend anymore.

3. He got on the bus,

Not too old, not too young,

Drinking his beer, said hi to the driver

And asked some girl if he could sit down,

Then sat and said about a guy who told him he was acting gay,

This guy was harassing him, he said.

I was standing too close so I asked, if the guy had said he was acting straight,

Would that have been harassment?

He scowled up at me,

“Of course,

It was how he was saying it.”

Vancouver November 15-23rd, 2010