Thoughts VII


Logically, there is no alternative to logic. This though is not logical but the alternative.

When you stop believing in the reality of the ideal, reality becomes more ideal.

Maybe people who talk about themselves in the third person are just more in touch with the constructed nature of their protagonist self

Even acting graciously is a judgment.

If photography compromises the soul, facebook corrupts it.

If most happy, satisfying, or exciting movies were lived, they would remain as such (fulfilling or whatnot) for about the length of a movie. And then...

The subconscious mind isn’t the brain at all. It isn’t even mind necessarily: all cells take part (even those apart from “your” supposedly finite body) in non-conscious processes.

“I think I’m gonna go...” You mean you are going to go. “I’m sure that’s what I said...” You mean you think that’s what you said.

Nov 15, 2011, VANC and Sept 19, 2012