Retro Rat


Humans, the teleological creatures, justifying their existence both rationally (I think therefore I am, and I skew statistics without knowing it) and biologically (What are we supposed to do? Whatever we’re doing, we’ll adapt to it, at least in perspective.).

The only universal is that there are no universals, except for this one, which isn’t a universal because of itself, in which case it is.

22.march/2012 (Vancouver)

We’ve created a rationale to explain what we’re doing.

We’ve thunk countless such thoughts,

Rationale coming after, filling in and over, which is accounting,


Can we come at it from affront?

Can we stare rationale right in the pupil and own our decision; making it, instead of having it made for us, by us?

We’ve created rationale to explain what we do.

Can we explain a rationale that will create what we do?

*Tim Morton: Thinking Ecology: The Mesh (part 1) Youtube (4:40)

4.may/2012 (Edmonton)