Non-mobile Old Rural Men

Separating continuity from everything else,

Continually distinguishing boundaries,

Binding contingency into distinctive features,

Featuring defeat of definition.

Redundancy averted if,

The standard is converted from,

Backing up hard drives to,

Words driving me a hard bargain,

Hardly a bargain, driving me home.

Parading continuity apart from self,

Displaying the standard,

Downplaying the norm,

But playing the norm,

Blinding contingency by distinguishing features,

Reduced to a boundary,

The crumbling whimpers simmer.

Flip ‘er,

From there share projected defective thoughts of others,

Denying her descent from high,

She’ll have to stay

Standard, might as well

Stay supreme. Flickers

Straddle and strangle the norm.

Symmetrical imaginations,

See myself:

Hidden and imagined, spectral and special, irreal but regular,

Master the narration,

Frame, frame, flip—