I Refuse


I refuse to accept truth as objective, as agreed upon by all. I refuse to accept the findings of the government, of the medical community, of the scientific community, of academia, of my parents, of my friends, of strangers.

But I refuse to accept the lies that I believe to be truth as truth.

I refuse to deny the repercussions of our particulate construction, that our protons, electrons, and neurons are actually very sparsely spaced and that we are mostly empty space, that our fragmented components are held together, to the human eye as a single solid, by invisible forces similar to the forces that propel planets around the sun, that our fragmented particles die and regenerate continuously denying any physical continuity.

But I refuse to believe that the connections between whole individuals are any less powerful than the connections between the fragments and particles that make those individuals into their seemingly singular wholes.

I refuse to believe that anyone is anything other than perfect.

But I refuse to hold anyone’s imperfections against them and am most comfortable when I believe that others feel the same way about me.

I refuse to believe in the separateness of individuals.

But I refuse to forfeit my individuality to the immortality of the whole.

(Vancouver 2009)