Of Men and Monuments


Of Men and Monuments

(oven, honest heat)

there are sore throats and empty busts

(these are roaring throats, rape-seed mustard roaring throats)

filled with stony crafts but otherwise empty

(the illest craps)

of men and monuments

(amen, honest heat)

imitate each other and me

(mitigate reality)

such a fuss over empty mimesis

(our thesis is us)

empty of talk

(many are stuck)

of men and monuments

(oven, honest heat)

thrown into a lake

(to own this oath taken)

disassociate, de-solve

(the sociopath whose sister is missing)

not speculatively, with speculation

(hot sex with no protection)

now that’s present (presenting)

homo donuts and meaning

LEIDEN, Sept 2009