Happy Pills


Procrastination strikes a nation

of students fleeing thought-stagnation,

of students feeling the 'get-ahead' sensation

that makes them think that higher education

is something needed for a formation

into one who can hold a role or station

and be an asset to their almighty nation.

But what if everyone saw the truth

and understood the clichéd "beauty" of youth

and let time flow around them loose

taking what comes and embracing warm roosts

giving all energy a fresh sated boost

embracing their present and ignoring their use

with no one left craving sleep, drugs, or a noose?

Alas I'll accept that I cannot arrange

this massive universal reality-change

but I'd still like to avoid myself feeling strange

-it's hard when surrounded by so many deranged-

so I'd like to propose some sort of exchange

what it'll look like, I have hopes, but it surely can range

I've just got to get off this robotic old grange.