Escape from Witch Mountain


Sketching out on Witch Mountain

‘and this song sounds familiar’

thought the man

at the end of the world,

sitting in underwear,

but pocketed down within blankets,

and cuddling the heat of the VCR

staring into the buzzing screen,

plugged into a generator

filled with his last can of gas,

amid streets quiet despite no order,

calm though far past martial law,

alone, but not yet only.

Cuddling with the heat,

staring into the buzz of his favourite VHS taped years before,

before there was thoughts that the pedaling wouldn’t work,

before people took seriously the idea that the ten thousand year road was built straight into the wall,

and watching the buzzing,

the camaraderie seems realer

now that its an impossibility

than it ever had before.

And the credits roll.

Vancouver – May 3rd/May 4th - 2014