Assassinate the corrupt.

Assassinate the heathen hedonists, the stilted thrusters, the seekers of incendiary sensations.  

Assassinate sensation.

Assassinate wild frauds--be they at Sodom or Nablus, Barcelona or Denver, in cottage or club or family home, on dinner tables, dance floors, or standing still--assassinate their collision, their climbing, their return.

Assassinate action.

Assassinate achievement: plant then water, grow then reap, but don't eat.

Assassinate conclusions: let it all blossom with tantric impatience: nascent.

Assassinate from the inside out, assassinating the core but allowing the facade to be fucked again and again and unabashedly: internally bleeding.

Assassinate death.

And then carry on.

(Edmonton, December 15, 2010)