Amphetamine Rapture


Ginsberg is buzzing,

He’s busy on bennies

And sits on his bed

In his dungeon he’s buzzing

All night he’s awake

Cause the bennies they do that

And buzzing he writes

Of his thoughts about Neal

Cassady comes

In a green car he’s driving

The bus on the orange juice

The road cross the country

Crack goes the bennies

As Cassady swallows

And Ginsberg he follows

Amphetamine rapture

Neal and Ginsberg

All night sit awake

Both talking all night

They’ll try to relate

Themselves to the other

All night they’ll both say

Their deep secret thoughts

As they maintain their gaze

They stare at each other

And shove out their thinking

And listen and talking

They see as the other

And two becomes one

As they both fill with wonder

Fulfill it, each other

A lover, the one

(Vancouver February 09)

Audio Link to: Claire and Marshall singing the chorus (.AIFF file format)

You know? Neal asks

Ginsberg whispers, I do.

Ye’ feel me? He asks

If it’s all right with you.