Adorno Died at the Dollar Store


(To hear me read it, click here:Adorno Died at the Dollar Store.m4a)

Picture a pink vertical line through the near empty receipt roll.

This is written on that;

Has been as is.

Staring into the lens,

Broken accessibility .

Hands clean, cups off,

And things develop


Fill an envelope with yourself now.

Open it and you fall apart,

Fall together, put apart.

Put time into a beyblade

Fight, for fun, for cosmic

Revolutions in

Revolving in place


Circular non-velope

Dopicity, the city’s blue

Velocitious ablutions:

Viscous feeding tubes,

“We’re gonna turn this team around 360 degrees”

To sleep.

And back-up brother

Lacking, kings of

Controle in time putting in

Apart, a part in the

Revolutions of so-

Called development,

Encampment, embellishment…

The camp bell emblem’s end

Meant issues with a part of--

Fancied the whole,

A part-time job.

Adorno wouldn’t spin;

His heart stopped.

The ring, the cup, the flower

As birth, death, and sex;

The sacred beauty,

the eternal coeternal cunt.

Job time party

Mint lopping evil deeds

Calling viral tolerance

Often trapped, a trap

Inputting time, seasons,

Rolling controllers:

An armored

Thinking royalty

Drives a puck

Of others: a cab.

“We’re gonna turn this team around 360 degrees”

A blue city of

Veal solutions,

Fluid food as identifiably defined

Life, even exist


Run like an antelope,

Incessant, unthought,

Falling round default

Fly, flutter.

Revolving in place:

Revolution succeeding

As in failed sane placing

The fluid for spacing

The buying of beyblades

For forward fun putting apart,

Falling together.

Open to your

Self nepotism, won

Cash in envelopes,

Lopping at the devil’s hands,

Cutting them cleanly,

Arbitrarily, unenthusiastically:

No neck, nobility of rats,

Is, as, been, has,

Still pink

Line picturing?

It’d still be there if it was--

If you were

Adorno derstanding so-called revolting.

May 16, 2011, Yukon and Broadway, Vancouver